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One Man, Two Guvnors Auditions

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One Man, Two Guvnors Auditions

Directed by Peter Hunt.

Information Evening Monday 28th March 8pm in the bar.
Auditions Wednesday 30th March 7.30pm in the bar.
Scripts available from Peter (, 07840544121)
There are twelve in the cast plus possibly two or 3 extras.

Francis Henshall. Minder 30’s The Harlequinade character. Lots of physical comedy. Needs to be able to improvise.

Charlie “The Duck” Clench. Middle aged small time crook. Speaks in what I call gangster cockney.

Pauline Clench. Charlie’s daughter in love with Alan Dangle. Cockney and not very bright.

Harry Dangle. Charlie’s crooked solicitor 60’s. Speaks in received pronunciation and likes to quote Latin.

Alan Dangle. 20’s 30’s In love with Pauline. Wants to be an actor.

Dolly. 30’s. Employee of Clench and Frances’s love interest. Highly sexed feminist. Does some bandying with the audience.

Lloyd Boateng. 50’s. Landlord of the Cricketers Arms. Written as a Jamaican. If that is not possible will probably be played Irish.

Rachel Crabbe. 20’s 30’s. Twin sister of Roscoe Crabbe (deceased). Pretends to be Roscoe by dressing in men’s clothing . Later reveals as a woman. Speaks Cockney.

Stanley Stubbers. 20’s 30’s  Upper class twit and crook. in love with Rachel. The other guvnor.

Alfie. 87. The waiter. Made up as old but has to be played by someone younger and agile enough to do all the very demanding physical comedy.

Gareth. 40’s 50’s. Head waiter at the pub. 

The band has already been formed and is in rehearsal. The main characters also perform with the band in front of tabs between scenes.

2 or 3 extras work backstage and portray incidental characters. A few lines.

Information evening:
To find out about anything and everything you need to know about the play and its production.

The play is an adaptation of Goldoni’s Servant of Two Masters and has elements of farce, music hall and panto in keeping with Commedia dell’Arte traditions. This version is set in 1963.

It is rumoured that the OM2G band will be playing, and the bar will be open.

For the auditions:
At the information meeting or before I will be asking those intending to audition which parts they want to try for. Also which audition pieces they wish to use. If unsure I can suggest.

Auditions should include, where appropriate physical comedy and in the case of Francis, some improv.