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09 May 2017, 00.00
Lindley Players Mannequin Challenge
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09 May 2017, 00.00
Open auditions - The Rise & Fall of Little Voice
Open auditions - The Rise & Fall of Little Voice  
28 April 2017, 00.00
Open auditions - The Lion in Winter
Open auditions - The Lion in Winter  



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All of our auditions are open to non-members. We hold read throughs for most of our plays which are also open to anyone who would like to find more out about the production. If you are successful in a part or simply want to help with the production in any way you will be required to join the Lindleys. In order to find out about them please join our mailing list or like our Facebook page! This page will be updated when audition information becomes available - please note we do not usually announce the auditions more than 6 months before the production dates!

Auditions - The Rise & Fall of Little Voice

Readthrough: 4th June 2pm

Auditions Monday 12th June 7:30pm

I have been asked whether the singing voices mimicked by LV are set in stone. I am happy for any famous voice from that era (50’s and 60’s) to be used if any budding LVs find it suits their voice better.

Just a reminder the characters are:

Laura Hoff / Little Voice "LV", Mari’s daughter, painfully shy, reclusive, must be able to sing and mimic other famous voices.

Mari Hoff, LV’s mother, loud, tarty, over the hill.

Ray Say, manages third-rate acts.

Billy, young BT engineer, shy, unworldly.

Mr. Boo, cabaret club owner and acquaintance of Ray Say.

Sadie, neighbour, sad case, single and not likely to be anything else.

Phone Man, BT engineer

Phone Man, Mari, Billy page 2 “ Is it nearly in now” to page 5 "See you"
Mr Boo page 28/9 monologue
Billy, LV page 20 “Your Mam’s a live wire…” to page 22 …”flying when I’d done”
Ray, LV page 13 “Hi” to page 15 “Listen seriously LV”
Ray, Mari page 48 “Ray Milland” to page 49 “…… f..k off”
Mari, Ray, LV singing * page 11 “Here it is, my home” to page 13 “Oh, I’m off then”
Mari page 57/8 monologue
LV page 59
Sadie, Mari page 6 “Sit down. Crush a chair” to page 8 “Go on drink it now”

LV songs to audition:
* Shirley Bassey – Never, Never (A capella, please) to be sung during dialogue piece
Cilla Black - Anyone who had a Heart (backing track)
Billie Holiday – Lover Man (backing track)
If budding LV’s want to sing in the style of another diva or to your own accompaniment then you will need to bring your own backing track.

Scripts are available from Pam so let her know if you want one. Read through is on 4th June at 2pm with auditions on Monday 12th June from 7.30pm. Any budding LV’s have now got 3 months to perfect their singing voices!

Keith Holness                                                                                   Pam Battson

01304 840838 or 07764 497137                                                    01227 792238 or 07752 274851