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08 August 2017, 00.00
  The Playhouse's Annual Open Day is on 9th September 9:30-1pm  
25 July 2017, 00.00
NODA Accolade of Excellence
  The Lindley Players received a NODA accolade of exellence for their October 2016 production of Company.  
26 June 2017, 00.00
KDA Awards 2017 - Results
  The Lindley Players picked up four awards out of their total 8 nominations including Best Play for Boeing Boeing.  

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All of our auditions are open to non-members. We hold read throughs for most of our plays which are also open to anyone who would like to find more out about the production. If you are successful in a part or simply want to help with the production in any way you will be required to join the Lindleys. In order to find out about them please join our mailing list or like our Facebook page! This page will be updated when audition information becomes available - please note we do not usually announce the auditions more than 6 months before the production dates!

Our next auditions will be for The Merchant of Venice (performed in March)

If you favour 'doublet and hose' productions, then this production is not for you. If you favour Shylocks with prosthetic facial appendages, ringlets and Cod Central European accents, then this production is not for you. And finally, if you live under the happy, but misguided delusion that life in Venice was 100% heterosexual, then this production will certainly not be for you.
The auditions will take place in the Playhouse bar at 2:00pm on Sunday 22nd October.

Copies of the text will be available from either me or Rebecca Strike and those waiting further information can call me on 01227 792116 or Becs on 07931 530277.

The production dates are 20th-24th March.

Roy Drinkwater, Director

Character List: (** all parts marked thus will be doubled)

Antonio – The Merchant. Mid 30s-40s. Gay, in love with Bassanio
Bassanio – Antonio's friend. Mid 20s-30s but younger than Antonio. Hint of previous relationship with Antonio. Now suitor to Portia.
Lorenzo – Bassanio's friend. Early 20s, in love with Jessica.
Salarino – Antonio's friend. 20s. In love with Antonio. Blackshirt.
Graziano – Bassanio's friend. Same age range as Antonio. Blackshirt.
Solanio – Antonio's friend. 20s.
Shylock – A banker who happens to be Jewish, mid 40s onwards, but older than Antonio.
** Tubal– A colleague of Shylock's. Same age range.
** Lancelot Gobbo – Shylock's servant, later servant to Bassanio. 30s.
** Old Gobbo – Lancelot's father. Mid 50s onwards.
** Duke of Venice – 40s/50s. What it says on the packet.
** Prince of Morocco – Suitor to Portia. 30s. A man with a florid complexion.
** Prince of Arragon – Another of Portia's suitors. 30s.
** Balthasar – Portia's servant. Any age.
** German Guard – Not in the original text.

Portia – A lady of Belmont. 20s. Subject of ludicrous marital lottery.
Nerissa – Portia's gentlewoman. Similar age.
Jessica – Shylock's daughter. Teens/20s. In love wtih Lorenzo.

Auditon Pieces (you can find the script free anywhere online!)

Bassanio and Antonio
Act 1 Sc1 P9 from Line 114
Bassanio: “Gratiano speaks….” To end of scene

Portia and Nerissa
Act 2 Sc1 P11 Line 186
Portia: “By my troth….and his behaviour everywhere”

Shylock and Antonio
Act 1 Sc3 P17 Line 50
Shylock: “I am debating…..exact the penalty”

Gobbo and Launcelot
Act 2, Sc2, P24 Line 29
Gobbo: “Master young man…..has on his tail”

Gratiano, Salerio *, Lorenzo and Jessica
Act 2, Sc6, P34 Line 1
Gratiano: “This is the penthouse…..time for us to stay”

Salerio * and Soliano
Act 2, Sc8, P40 Line 1
Salerio: “Why man I saw…..” to end of scene

Shylock and Tubal
Act 3, Sc1, P48 Line 72
Shylock: “How now….” To end of scene

Nerissa and Gratiano
Act 3, Sc2, P55 Line 186
Nerissa: “My Lord and Lady…..but who comes here?”

Duke, Nerissa, Portia, Shylock and Antonio
Act 4, Sc1, P73 Line 144
Duke: “This letter…it cannot be” NB: Duke to read Clerk

Prince of Morocco
P38 “Some God….” To end of speech

P43 “And no house…” To end of speech

*Please note: If you want to read for Salarino, please look at lines for Salerio.