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10 January 2019, 00.00
OPEN AUDITIONS - The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband
    Announcing auditions for The Lindley Players' production of The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband.  
17 December 2018, 00.00
The Old Bull & Bush: NODA Review
Our NODA review for The Old Bull & Bush - December 2018
17 December 2018, 00.00
See How They Run: NODA Review
Our NODA review for See How They Run - October 2018

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All of our auditions are open to non-members. We hold read throughs for most of our plays which are also open to anyone who would like to find more out about the production. If you are successful in a part or simply want to help with the production in any way you will be required to join the Lindleys. In order to find out about them please join our mailing list or like our Facebook page! This page will be updated when audition information becomes available - please note we do not usually announce the auditions more than 6 months before the production dates!



READ-THROUGH: Thursday 28th Feb

AUDITION: Thursday 7th March

Show dates: Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th July, 7:45pm

So listen up all you would be groovy chicks and cool cats, The Lindley Players are putting on the fabulous, hip and happening 60s Musical, A Slice of Saturday Night, at the Playhouse Whitstable 2nd-7th July 2019. 

The read through is being held on Thursday 28th Feb with auditions to follow on Thursday 7th March, both at 7:30pm. At the read through our director, Debi Lovell, will chat through her vision for the show and the characters, and make available the audition pieces. You will also have the chance to hear the exciting musical numbers!

So get your hipster trousers and mini skirts on and head down to the Playhouse Whitstable aka The Club A Go Go and find out just what is going on and how you can become part of this fabulous show!



ERIC ‘RUBBER LEGS’ DE VENE AGE RANGE: 40-50 VOCAL RANGE: E3 to G4 A middle-aged rocker, a hard man with a soft spot for his patrons at the Club a Go-Go, which he hosts and owns


GARY AGE RANGE: 18-25 VOCAL RANGE: C3 to G4 Leader of the gang of boys, a chauvinistic braggart who thinks he’s God’s gift to women, acts tough but is really a bit of a coward

RICK AGE RANGE: 18-25 VOCAL RANGE: C3 to G4 The innocent among the boys, looks up to Gary and tries to imitate him. Shy but very engaging

EDDIE AGE RANGE: 18-25 VOCAL RANGE: G2 to G4 A pill-popping goofball, appears stupid but there is more to him than meets the eye


BRIDGET AGE RANGE: 18-25 VOCAL RANGE: G3 to F5 Natural leader of the girls, thinking she’s a cut above everyone else and quite imposing. Known as ‘Frigid Bridget’.

SHARON AGE RANGE: 18-25 VOCAL RANGE: G3 to F5 The new girl. Rick’s equivalent in the girls. Sweet and shy and pretty in the ‘girl next door’ type of way

SUE AGE RANGE: 18-25 VOCAL RANGE: G3 to E5 Gary’s long-suffering girlfriend, slightly overweight and very conscious of her bust, very insecure. She adores Gary. Constantly putting on a brave face and holding back the tears.

PENNY AGE RANGE: 18-25 VOCAL RANGE: G3 to E5 The ‘easy’ girl of the group, sexier and more knowing than the others. Attractive in a ‘brassy’ way



READ-THROUGH: Sunday 10th March
AUDITION: Sunday 17th March

Show  dates: Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st July

The Lottie Project - a 'Little Lindleys' production

This beautiful comedy/drama follows that life of Charlie, in her last year of primary school and her single mum Jo. Recently made redundant, Jo must work two jobs and long hours and in the process meets a new man, much to Charlie’s annoyance. The play follows Charlie coming to terms with the change in her life, and how it reflects on her relationships at school and although the target audience is 7-14 I am confident it will be enjoyed by members right across the generations.

Once again, rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons from April onwards with the two principle characters, CHARLIE & JO, needed for the occasional weekday evening. Read Thru: Sunday 10th March, 1pm Auditions: Sunday 17th March, 1pm. There may be call backs for “Charlie” on Sunday 24th March

Download the Audition Pack



READ-THROUGH: Tuesday 12th Feb 7:30pm
AUDITION: Tuesday 19th Feb 7:30pm

Show  dates: Thursday 19th - Saturday 21st September, 7:45pm

Scaramouche Jones directed by Michael Amerstorfer

The part: 1 male actor 30 - 70, acted age 65. A brilliant story-teller.
The character: Scaramouche Jones is a clown. We see him immediately after his final performance on 31st December 1999 in the dressing room area adjacent to the big top. He is the son of a Caribbean gypsy prostitute and an English father he dreams of meeting one day. Scaramouche is not only a clown at the end of his career. He also represents the Everyman of the 20th century and thus the century itself.
The set piece for the audition: Please prepare the first two pages of the script ending with “Great mystery ... Beyond the Door of Night.”
Scripts: Please contact Sally Hall. ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


READ-THROUGH: Tuesday 26th March 7:45pm
AUDITION: Friday 5th Feb 7:45pm

Show  dates: Tuesday 22nd - Saturday 26th October, 7:45pm

Scaramouche Jones directed by Cheryl Mumford

Frankenstein by Nick Dear, based on the novel by Mary Shelley will be performed at the Playhouse week commencing 21st October.

Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein’s bewildered creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the increasingly desperate and vengeful Creature determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal.

Scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive development and the nature of good and evil, are embedded within this thrilling and deeply disturbing classic tale.

Plenty of roles available for both males and females of all ages with some twists afoot re casting of characters. Excited? Interested?

Then come along to the talk through on Tuesday 26th March at 7:45 and find out all about this innovative and compelling production.
Read through 26th March 7:45pm • Auditions Friday 5th April 7:45pm • Cast workshop day (non negotiable event) Sunday 12th May

Please note: Frankenstein contains adult themes and scenes of sexual violence.