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All of our auditions are open to non-members. We hold read throughs for most of our plays which are also open to anyone who would like to find more out about the production. If you are successful in a part or simply want to help with the production in any way you will be required to join the Lindleys. In order to find out about them please join our mailing list or like our Facebook page! This page will be updated when audition information becomes available - please note we do not usually announce the auditions more than 6 months before the production dates!


Flare Path 

by Terence Rattigan


Director: Francesca Monk - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PA: Mandy Hunt - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The audition pack is downloadable here, or available by email from Mandy Hunt. Print versions of the pack and audition scenes will be available at and after the read-through. The rehearsal dates are available here for auditionees to check their availability.
Audition Scenes (clicking on the page numbers will download a pdf of the pages)
Bolded characters feature most prominently in the listed scenes and therefore these could be considered the main ‘audition pieces’ for those roles.
Pages 18-21 (Doris, Count, Dusty, Peter, Mrs Oakes, Teddy, Percy)
Pages 27-29 (Maudie, Dusty, Teddy)
Pages 30-32 (Patricia, Peter)
Pages 35-36 (Percy, Peter, Patricia, Teddy)
Pages 39-40 (Swanson, Teddy)
Pages 50-54 (Doris, Patricia, Peter, Mrs Oakes)
Page 76 Teddy from ‘A bloody Messerschmitt….Oh my God! ‘Skipper’ll get us home…’ Performance Dates
Read-through: Friday 15 November 7.45pm (bar open from 7.30pm)
Audition: Tuesday 19 November 7.45pm (registration from 7.30pm)
Performances: Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 March 2020
Flare Path is a play by Terence Rattigan, written in 1941 and first staged in 1942. Set in a hotel near an RAF Bomber Command airbase during the Second World War, the story involves a love triangle between a pilot, his actress wife and a famous film star. The play is based in part on Rattigan's own wartime experiences.

To be very clear the suggested ages are a guide only - the role of Mrs Oakes for example can be any age from late 30s upwards, so an ideal part for women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s....I’ve seen Doris played spectacularly by someone in her 40s.Peter Kyle could feasibly be in his early 50s... etc etc.

Doris, Countess Skriczevinsky – late 20s/early 30s. A former barmaid now married to a Polish count, she is practical, humane and self-aware. Needs a non-RP accent.
Mrs Oakes – late 30s+. The proprietress of the hotel. Somewhat scary and not afraid to say what she thinks. Northern accent preferred.
Patricia Graham – late 20s/early 30s. A stage actress, now married to Teddy, she is also in love with Peter Kyle. A multifaceted woman who proves that appearances can be deceptive. Needs RP accent.
Mrs. Maudie Miller – 20s/early 30s. Married to Dusty. A practical, somewhat anxious woman. Needs a non-RP accent.
Peter Kyle – late 30s/40s. A British actor who has become a Hollywood star. Outwardly self-confident but out of place amidst all the RAF men who are serving their country. RP accent.
Flight Lieutenant Teddy Graham – 20s. A pilot, married to Patricia Graham whom he adores. An apparently light-hearted character who initially appears to not take himself too seriously, he is brave and muck liked by his colleagues. Needs RP accent.
Sergeant Dusty Miller – late 20s/early 30s. Teddy Graham’s tail gunner, clearly of a different class to Teddy but brave and good at his job. Married to Maudie.
Percy – late teens, early 20s. A waiter/barman at the hotel. Fun comedy role. Northern accent preferred.
Count Skriczevinsky – 30s. Tall, heroic. Married to Doris whom he loves very much. His English is very limited but he is well-liked by his fellow airmen. Polish accent.
Squadron Leader Swanson – mid 40s+. In charge of the Squadron with a definite air of authority, he is also practical and humorous and hates the dangers to which he is obliged to subject his men. RP accent.
Corporal Wiggy Jones – 20s/30s. Small walk-on role with very few lines.