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COVID-19 - an update
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    Our response to COVID-19  

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Snake in the Grass NODA Review


Snake in the Grass - Lindley Players

Whitstable Playhouse 19th Sept 2018

Traveling to Whitstable (The Lindley Players) is always a pleasure, I know I will always certainly come away satisfied…and Snake in the Grass hasn’t changed that.

The entire play takes place in the garden of the Chester’s family home, now neglected and run-down. Included in the set we saw the edge of an overgrown tennis court and a summerhouse built over a disused well, both of which play important parts in the play. So well designed, constructed, and realistic by Tim Hinchliffe, James Roberts and Robert George. As always with the Lindley Players – a real gem.

Amanda Hunt playing Miriam, the younger sister, playing this role with total confidence. Quickly establishing her scatty, awkward, and naive character she elicited sympathy from her first entrance. Excellent comedic timing, and the transformation from mouse to monster was a pleasure to witness.

Penny Cooper playing Annabelle, the returning older sister, was really assured, suitably aloof and seemingly in control. The transition of this ‘buttoned up’ woman to the fearful, neurotic mess as the play progressed was very convincing.

Justine Sewell playing Alice, their deceased father’s former nurse. Her body language and assured delivery immediately intimated that she was a manipulative creature and much more worldly than the two sisters. The ‘wheelbarrow incident’ was one of the funniest and well played, well done.

These three very talented actresses are to be congratulated on their teamwork. The wordy dialogue was slick, and because they all have excellent diction not a word of this excellent production was missed.

Christy Hinchliffe, Director, a production full of splendid direction and professionalism. Well done for nurturing your company and this production to a provide an excellent evening’s entertainment.

Vicky and Grace King. Lighting – Excellent. Atmospheric and realistic.

Sound - Excellent – enjoyed the choice of music added to atmosphere.

It is always a pleasure to visit this lovely theatre – Front of house always make visitors feel comfortable and welcome.

Gordon Harris

NODA SE District 5