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Macbeth Open Auditions

'Macbeth' Open Auditions

You are invited to attend an open read through and auditions for the Lindley Players forthcoming production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

After an absence of nearly thirteen years, this June marks the welcome return of the Bard to the Playhouse, Whitstable, when the Lindley Players stage Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Macbeth.

Directed by Bard aficionado, Roy Drinkwater, and set in the labyrinthine world of a military bunker sometime during the early part of the last century, this postmodern interpretation of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy explores its central themes of greed envy and ruthless ambition still so resonant today. Written in an age when to be anything other than Protestant could earn you a death sentence; Shakespeare, who was at the time in royal favour, confronts these subjects head on.

Interested? Then please feel free to come along to this pre-audition read through and information evening on Sunday 3rd March 2013 and find out more about this production, the concept and the set.

Open auditions follow two weeks later on Sunday 17th March 2013.

Both the pre-audition read through and the auditions are open to Lindley members and non-members alike (although any offer of a role would be conditional on membership of the Lindley Players Ltd prior to the commencement of rehearsals).

Please join our Facebook events: for the Macbeth Read Through & the Macbeth Audition.