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Open Auditions – See How They Run

Open Auditions - See How They Run

Announcing auditions for The Lindley Players’ production of See How They Run – Philip King’s classic farce.


Production Dates: Wednesday 24th – Saturday 27th October

Scripts are available by contacting director
Peter Hunt (details below)

Auditions: Tuesday 19th June 7:30pm in the Playhouse bar.

“Don’t bicker, vicar”

There will be no set audition pieces. Please prepare two or three sections of about a page which illustrate the character or characters you are looking at.
I will provide a couch and chairs to use as required.

Have fun!

Character Descriptions:

Hopefully these random notes will help you. All ages quoted are PLAYING ages. Most of the parts are involved in a fair amount of physical comedy as well as the verbal.

Lionel… The vicar. Mid – late 30s.
Mild mannered, pleasant and brightly buoyant until hit on the head when he becomes like a raging bull. Loses his trousers.

Penelope…Lionel’s wife and former actress. Mid 20s – mid 30s
Vivacious, charming, stylish and free-spirited. Very quick.

Clive… Mid 20s -30s. Old actor friend of Penelope’s.
Now Lance-corporal in the army. Dashing and looking good in uniform. Devil-may-care attitude. Agile.

Ida….. Young . teens/20s
Cocky Cockney. Plain. Likeable village girl. Lot of physical comedy.

Miss Skillon….Mid 30s – early 40s.
Carries a lot of the physical comedy. Self righteous busy-body. Horrendously unstylish. Sour spinster. Large(ish). Gets very drunk.

The Man…….30s. Escaped prisoner in Luftwaffe uniform.
German accent. Tallish. Physical comedy.

Bishop of Lax…..50s. Bishop’s garb
Imposing dignified until he loses it. Only appears act 2 and 3.

Rev Arthur Humphrey ……..40s-50s
Mild, sweet man. Befuddled. Physically comic. Great lines!
Act 3 only.

Sergeant Towers……40s-50s
Middlesex Regimental Sergeant. Cockney blusterer. Bit thick.
Act3 only.

Please contact director Peter Hunt on or 07840544121