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OPEN AUDITIONS – The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband


Announcing auditions for The Lindley Players’ production of The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband.

READ-THROUGH: Friday 1st Feb (theatre auditorium)
AUDITION: Friday 8th Feb (theatre bar)

Show dates: Wednesday 15th – Saturday 18th May, 7:45pm

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband – directed by Samuel Wall

Kenneth is married to Hilary. Hilary is the perfect cook. But Kenneth is bored of their sex life, so starts an affair with the young, attractive Laura. There’s just one problem: She can’t cook. The rest of the story is an absurd tale of a man who tries to balance his appetite for food with his appetite for sex, by having his cake and eating it too, with two women on the go at once. There are only three characters, all of which needing a huge amount of skill, this is not for the faint hearted, but for those who are looking for a challenge. Playing ages are the common ages cast in these characters. This is open for interpretation as relationships are ever changing and dynamic.

Hillary – Playing age 40-50 (Energetic, needs to be dynamic vocally and physically, good understanding of comic timing and needs to be open to the concept that all action is driven by emotion)

Kenneth – Playing age 40-50 (Sleazy with a tiny hint of charm, physically energetic, and vocally engaging. Needs to be open to the idea that men actually have emotions)

Laura – Playing age 25 (Must have a gut strength, too many times this character is played without an understanding of her power. She is not just the ‘mistress’ she is a woman with her own mind, her own ambitions and her own reasons for being here)