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Treasure Island – Pantomime Auditions

Treasure Island by Ben Crocker
Directed by Claire Payton
Auditions: Monday 5th September and Tuesday 6th September in the Playhouse bar.
Performance Dates: 19th-29th January 2023
Scripts are available from Claire Payton 
Here is the cast list from the script, we are not being prescriptive about age/ gender so if there is a part you interested in, please do come and audition:
MRS HAWKINS (MUM)     Jim’s Mum. Warm hearted, rumbustious Dame. 
KITTIE.                               A maid. (Scene 1 only) 
JIM HAWKINS.                   Principal Boy.
SQUIRE TRELAWNEY.     A bit dim.
JENNY TRELAWNEY.       The Squire’s daughter. Principal Girl.
SEADOG SAM.                  A pirate. (comedy duo)
SEAWEED WILLY.             A nice pirate (comedy duo)
BILLY BONES.                   Pirate (Scene 1 only)
LONG JOHN SILVER.        Pirate Leader and Villain of the Piece.
BLOOD BOILER.                A ferocious pirate.
GIZZARD SLITTER.           A very ferocious pirate.
The FRIDGE.                      A very big ferocious pirate.
POLLY.                                A parrot in her 70’s.
WI Members with scripted lines:
MRS HENDERSON.           Chair of the Smuggler’s Cove WI.
MRS SNOOK                     
MRS PARKER.                    Vice Chair of the Smuggler’s Cove WI.
MISS NORMINGTON.        (DORIS) Senior and independently minded WI Member
BEN GUNN.                         Shipwrecked Ship’s Photographer.
CAPTAIN BLOODHEART (Non speaking role, Scene 9 only)
CHORUS as Pub Customers, Pirates, WI Members, Ghosts etc.
For anyone who hasn’t been involved in panto before and is interested in auditioning/ being involved, here is a bit more information:
The panto is a great opportunity to meet and work with a lot of people, and it’s a lot of fun! Rehearsals will start in October and run through to January. We will rehearse roughly three times a week, not all cast members are required for every rehearsal but availability is important. You will also need to spend time outside of rehearsals to learn your movement/ singing/ lines. 
Auditions are Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th September from 7pm. They will be held in the bar and you only need to attend one of the days to audition (you are welcome to come to both). There will be a singing part to the audition and audition pieces will be given out nearer the time.
The performances are the 19th – 29th January, and the week before will also be pretty full on with tech and dress rehearsals.
This script is a great opportunity for anyone of any age (over 16), gender and experience. All cast members will be asked to do some singing and movement, taught by the wonderful Lucie Nash, and a bit of choreo from me.