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A Murder is Announced – Open Auditions

A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie
Directed by Anne Beer
Production Assistant – Dan Coles

Key Dates
Readthrough/Information Evening: Mon 15th July 7:30pm
Auditions: Tuesday 23rd July – Registration from 7:00pm so auditions can start promptly at 7:30pm
Show Dates: Wednesday 13th-Saturday 16th November 2024, 7:30pm

If you are interested in taking part in this production (the first time the Lindley Players have performed an Agatha Christie play for over 70 years!) we would be delighted to see you at the information evening and/or auditions.  In either case, just turn up at the theatre at the date and time above.  (You will need to use the back gate, at the Middle Wall end of Kemp Alley, opposite the United Reformed Church.)  Non-members are welcome to audition but please note that if you are cast in the show or become part of the creative/backstage team you will be required to join the Lindley Players.

Character information and audition pieces are below, but if you have any other queries, or  if you would like to borrow a script, please contact


“A murder is announced and will take place on Friday, October the thirteenth, at Little Paddocks at 6.30pm.  Friends please accept this, the only intimation.”

A most peculiar announcement in the Personal Column of the local newspaper meets with mixed reaction from the villagers – some are frightened, others dismiss it as a prank or hoax, but all are intrigued.  Then, at the appointed time and place, a violent death does occur, followed by another only two days later…  Identities are questioned and secrets laid bare, uncovering multiple motives for a number of suspects, before Miss Marple can reveal  ‘whodunit’!


A note about playing ages – those given below are what it says in the script, but  I regard these as guidelines rather than rules.  As long as relationships between the dramatis personae work, that’s good enough for me.  So:

  • Philippa/Patrick/Julia/Edmund need to be credibly within a year or two of each other.  
  • Mrs Swettenham needs to be credible as Edmund’s mother.
  • Blacklock and Bunny need to be believably within a year or two of each other, and noticeably older than Philippa/Patrick/Julia/Edmund.
  • Marple needs to be older than both Blacklock and Bunny – be prepared to wear a grey wig if your hair isn’t!

Miss Marple – need I say more?!  Oh all right then… mid-60s or over.  Observant and much cleverer than the image (“insignificant little old lady”) she presents to the world.  Figures it all out in the end.  6 scenes, 150 lines

Letitia Blacklock – ‘beyond middle-age’ but has ‘looked after’ her figure and is well-groomed.  Reasonably well-off but hopes to be even better off soon.  Likes the company of young people. 6 scenes, 340 lines

Dora Bunner (Bunny) – school friend of Blacklock who has fallen on hard times.  Has not looked after her figure!  Grateful to be given a roof over her head.  Not terribly intelligent, forgetful, often irritates others with vacuousness and tendency to put her foot in it.  4 scenes, 139 lines

Philippa Hames – mid-20s, widowed during War, struggling a bit financially.  Elegant and a bit serious.  Lodger at Little Paddocks.  5 scenes, 86 lines

Patrick and Julia Simmons – mid-20s, related to Blacklock and staying with her.  Both much smarter (both clothes and wit) than Philippa.  (Spoiler alert!)  One scene makes clear they are romantically involved with each other but probably won’t involve anything too full-on.  6 scenes, 107 and 106 lines respectively

Edmund Swettenham– mid-20s, much more serious-minded than Patrick.  Bit nerdy in modern terms.  Wants to be a writer.  4 scenes, 33 lines

Mrs Swettenham – any age from mid-40s plus.  The kind to worry what the neighbours will think/say and acts accordingly. 4 scenes, 47 lines 

Mitzi – cook/housekeeper to Blacklock.  Age indeterminate.  Mid-European (we’ve decided on Polish) and lapses into this language occasionally.  (Phonetic coaching and translation provided if needed.)  Excitable and sometimes explosive personality.  Prone to paranoia and embellishing stories of her life and predicament. 6 scenes, 84 lines

Craddock – Police inspector.  Probably noticeably older than his sergeant but would consider inverting that relationship.  Initially dismissive of Marple but gradually she earns his respect and they become partners. 3 scenes, 269 lines

Mellors – Sergeant.  Small part.  Probably younger than Craddock but could be the opposite. 2 scenes, 9 lines

Scherz – very small but pivotal part.  Young Swiss national. 1 scene, 3 lines 

Audition Pieces

(Copies of these will be available at both the Information Evening and Auditions.)

  • Extract 1, from Mitzi’s entrance (top of p16) to p17 (Blacklock “No, no, no!”)
    • Blacklock, Bunny, Julia, Patrick, Mitzi
  • Extract 2, from p21 (Bunny’s exit) to end of scene p24  
    • Blacklock, Marple, Julia, Patrick, Bunny
  • Scherz’ only lines are at the end of Act 1 scene 2 pp35-36.  If anyone is auditioning only for this part we’ll do those solo. Otherwise TBD on auditions night.  
  • Extract 3, pp40-41 (start of scene to Craddock “I do appreciate your co-operation”)  
    • Craddock, Mellors
  • Extract 4, pp69-71   (from start of scene to Patrick’s exit) 
    • Bunny, Blacklock, Patrick, Philippa
  • Extract 5, from p73 (entrance of Mrs S, Edmund and Marple) to p75 (Bunny’s entrance)
    • Blacklock, Philippa, Marple, Mrs S, Edmund, Julia, Patrick
  • Extract 6, from p96 (entrance of Mitzi, Mrs S, Edmund) to p97  (Philippa “I am!”)
    • Blacklock, Craddock, Patrick, Philippa, Julia, Edmund, Mrs S, Mitzi

I do have an extract 7 up my sleeve but this will only be used if we need more material to cast Marple and/or Blacklock and may have to involve a separate session.    I will explain more at the Information evening. 


Rehearsals start 23rd September, and will be mostly Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with the occasional exception.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch. Thank you!