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Beautiful Thing NODA Review

Beautiful Thing NODA Review

Jonathon Harvey’s play ‘Beautiful Thing’ started its life in the West End.

In 1993, I was one of those that see this production and have seen it many times since. Based in the middle 80’s when times were hard if you were gay. I know I lived through it.

Lindley Players took this iconic play and tackled the sensitive subject with ease.

Firstly in all my years as a NODA representative, I have never seen a set of such quality. What an ingenious piece of design (Darren Simpson) Superb!

Peter Simpson (Director) brought Jonathon’s play to the Whitstable Playhouse this week and directed it with fine direction, and kept the feel of the period. Peter you should be proud of your well-chosen cast they certainly did you proud.

The cast of 5 headed by Cheryl Mumford (Sandra) Cheryl gave us a very believable strong mother, acting across the full gambit of acting. Excellent. Sandra only wanting the best for her son Jamie (Torrin Powell) teamed with Ste (Tala Memmott) gave us good character performances as the two young vulnerable boys, difficult parts for two males, well done lads. Leah (Sophie Wilson) and Tony (Mathew Sullivan) gave us good supporting roles.

Peter, you keep this play fresh, its 27 years old and could have been a little dated.

Well-done Lindley Players for once again taking on something with a touchy subject and succeeding.

Hope your audiences pick up a bit, it shouldn’t be missed.

Gordon Harris


District 5.