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Medicine Man – Open Auditions

Key Dates:

Readthrough: Friday 9th Feb 7pm
Audition: Friday 16th Feb 7pm
Performances: Weds 15th – Sat 18th May 2024

Director: Michael Amerstorfer
Production Assistant: Christy Hinchliffe

Meet Antler, a retired businessman with a flair for the dramatic. Convinced he’s on the brink of a mysterious illness, he’s not just relying on his private physician, Dr. Cour; he’s ready to explore every oddball cure out there. His latest prescription for happiness? Marrying off his daughter Angela to the aspiring doctor, Thomas Token.

But Angela’s heart is already entangled in a dramatic dance with Richard, a theatre student who saved her from Thomas’ advances. Meanwhile, Antler’s second wife, Belinda, has her own plans for the stepdaughters – involving a one-way ticket far, far away, giving her the ultimate freedom to spend Antler’s hard-earned cash.

Get ready for a hilarious showdown where love, laughter, and a touch of medical madness take centre stage in “Medicine Man”!

Character descriptions:
ANTLER: acting age 60+, retired but well off, lives with his two daughters from a previous marriage, and his much younger second wife Belinda, whom he adores. He is a serious hypochondriac and therefore easy prey to all kinds of ‘miracle’ cures, phoney doctors and harmful advice.

CLAIRE: acting age 30+, PA to Antler and Belinda. She is feisty and clever as well as being conscientious and honest. She challenges Antler at every step. A friend and adviser to Angela, she has the best interests of the family at heart.

BERTHA: Antler’s sister, acting age 60, runs a small stationery business. Open minded and sensible, she tries to moderate her brother’s extreme views about his health, and to alert him to Belinda’s real character. She has a good sense of humour.

ANGELA: Antler’s older daughter, acting age 22. A recent graduate in Art History. Angela has fallen in love with Richard when he rescued her from Thomas Token’s advances. She lives at home under the watchful eye of father and stepmother. She has a singing voice.

RICHARD: drama student, acting age 22. He has fallen head over heels for Angela. He is resourceful and clever, finding a way into the Antler home and challenging his rival Thomas Token. He has a singing voice.

LOUISE: Antler’s second daughter, acting age 10. Clever and charming, she can wrap her father round her little finger.

BELINDA: acting age 40. Antler’s second wife, runs her own fashion business, financed by her husband. She wants to send her two stepdaughters as far away as possible, so she can get on with spending Antler’s money in peace.

DrTOKEN: acting age 55. A physician to whom money and status are more important than the well-being of his patients. He wants to further the match between his son Thomas and Angela.

THOMAS TOKEN: acting age 24. He is just days away from being awarded his doctorate in Medicine. Although rather good at memorising big chunks of scientific content, he is clumsy, arrogant and completely lacking in emotional intelligence.

Dr FIST: acting age 40+. As a notary in Belinda’s service, he tries to relieve Antler of some of his money. He is slippery, persuasive and knows how to get round the law. There is a mutual attraction between him and Belinda.

Dr COUR: Antler’s private family doctor, acting age 50+. A pompous quack who hides his lack of scientific knowledge behind a wall of medical jargon.

GREGORIUS: acting age 40+. A resting actor who is always happy to take on any kind of role. He plays the part of Dean of a bogus university.

BLUMING: acting age 40+. As Dr Cour’s assistant, he merely follows his orders with tunnel vision.

Audition pieces

ANTLER: pp. 3 and 4

ANTLER and CLAIRE: pp. 4 and 5

ANTLER and LOUISE: pp. 32, 33 and 34

CLAIRE: pp. 49 and 50

CLAIRE and BELINDA: pp. 53 and 54

RICHARD: p. 26



BERTHA: pp. 36, 37, 38 and 39

Dr FIST: pp. 17, 18 and 19

Dr TOKEN and THOMAS TOKEN: pp. 25, 31 and 32

BLUMING: p. 43

Dr COUR: pp. 45 and 46


MEDICINE MAN by Michael Melville is an update on Molière’s famous comedy “Le Malade Imaginaire” (“The Hypochondriac”), a playful exploration of the nature of hypochondria. The production will be in contemporary dress.

Any questions and requests for digital copies can be sent to Michael Amerstorfer ( and hard copies can be collected from Christy Hinchliffe (