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Mother Goose – Open Auditions

Dates & FAQs
Auditions: Saturday 23rd September 2:30pm
Singing Auditions: Sunday 24th September 2:30pm
Performances: 25th January – 3rd February 2024

Panto is (barely) on the horizon, and it’s time for another spectacle from Ben Crocker, the mind behind both 2022’s “Aladdin” and 2023’s “Treasure Island”.

Below, for your perusal and general entertainment are the principal parts and chorus roles for 2024’s “MOTHER GOOSE”
Fairy Aurora (F) – Fairy. Does all the rhyming stuff. You know the score. Has an ongoing bet with….
Smorg (-) Evil troll. They’ll boo you until the finale. Main antagonist, when compared to……
Baron von Rumpensmakka (M) – Mean ol’ baron, wannabe ladies man. They’ll boo you until they love you. And under his employ is…..
Gonk (-) – Henchman to the Baron. Not made entirely clear whether you’re even human, or some sort of gnome that has come to life. Looks after both the Baron and…..
Sven (-) – Nephew of the Baron, and Principal Boy. Immediate feelings for….
Freya Goose (F) – Principal Girl. Less interested in Sven, has a reasonable amount of backbone for a female panto character. Daughter of….
Mother Goose (M)- Dame. Protagonist. An old queen. An icon. Think Drag Ian McKellen. A major plot point is “unattractive”. Also…
Heidi (F) – A goose.
Other smaller characters for chorus roles include:
Grand High Snow Goose
Cuckoo Clock
Boss Snowman
Snowmen 1, 2 & 3
Geese, Trolls, Baby Trolls, Snowmen, Guard Geese, Village People (not the band)
Personally, never a fan of playing ages, particularly in pantomime; as long as the relationships within the cast make sense, job’s a good’un. Sven and Freya need to be similar ages, and each need to be younger than their respective older relatives. The rest is incidental. Grand High Snow Goose is immortal and decrepit, but could be played by a particularly talented 4-year-old (but won’t be, for chaperone reasons). Aged 16 and over please.
As far as singing is concerned, Mother Goose and Smorg each have a solo, while the Baron, Freya & Sven are involved in duets & a trio.
Chorus roles? Singing for those that want it, less singing for those looking to avoid it.
Plenty of time to mull it over, before the audition in the second half of September.
Audition dates are currently Saturday 23rd Sept with a second date being found for those who cannot make this. There will also be a singing-based audition on Sunday 24th Sept, together with Flint Street Nativity, to get both of these shows auditioned around the same time. Due to the size of the commitment, it wouldn’t be possible to be cast in a Principal Role in Mother Goose AND in Flint Street Nativity, so myself and Becs will be liaising to confirm the most workable casting, if people do audition for both shows.

Scripts available on request – contact myself ( or my Production Assistant, Mandy Hunt (