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Music Hall: Review 2011

Music Hall: Review

LADIES and gentlemen, for your delectation, prepare to be delighted, surprised and maybe a little titillated by a sparkling series of salubrious, scintillating solos, subtly sequestered into a stylish symposium.

Lots of songs.

That was how chairman Glyn Maflin opened the Lindley Players’ Music Hall at Whitstable’s Playhouse Theatre

He adopted a slightly contemporary stance, more like a stand-up comic.

The five nights of entertainment proved a gentle run-up to the town’s Oyster Festival.

Among the highlights were Bob Spaul as the short-sighted Chinese magician Im So Dim and his assistant Gladys (Emma Thomas) battling through three illusions in a box; Lesley Foster using up an industrial pack of hankies with I Never Cried So Much In All My Life, and the hysterically off-key Cheryl Mumford singing Popsy Wopsy.

But the show-stealing routine was the If I Wasn’t On This Stage I’d Rather Be A… routine with some immaculate choreography which looked so dangerous it should have had a safety net.

It is good that companies like the Lindley Players are keeping music hall alive.

Also mentioned in dispatches should be Caroline Jordan’s rendition of The Boy I Love Is Up In The Gallery, Roy Drinkwater’s Cockney fest Wotcher and Katy Campbell’s saucy When I Take My Morning Parade.

It would, however, have been nice to have seen more of co-directors Dr Howard Lee and Peter Brissenden on stage.

John Nurden

Whitstable Times Review: 29th July 2011