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One Man, Two Guvnors NODA Review

One Man, Two Guvnors NODA Review

Lindley Players – One Man, Two Guvnors – Thursday 14th July 2022

Well what an opening – raring to go from the off – the seven piece Skiffle band aptly named The New Racketeers prepared us for an evening of fun and surprises.  The audience were buzzing from the word go – great voices and superlative instrumentalists.  Top draw, and a great ‘distraction’ from scene changes.

Initially it was hard work retaining who was related to who, who killed who and who fancied who – who …..  A tool employed by the writer make the audience just sit back, think of England and laugh along with the proceedings.  It would all become clearer as the antics proceeded.

There was not one member of this tightly rehearsed team who didn’t shine in their particular role.

Glyn Rogers’  Charlie the Duck – and Roy Drinkwater as Harry Dangle set the scene as typical, believable rogues. Early 60’s Londoners who made a couple of bob ducking and diving.

Charlotte Lewis as Pauline Clench – aptly grew throughout the play as the plaything of her father’s ambition, promised to one man, but loving another.

David Manser-Mullin as Alan a would-be actor, was Charlotte’s choice. What a gift of a part, and didn’t he make the best of it.  So funny, overacting to a perfect degree.  He always commanded our attention using his gang-ley body and long legs to the absolute best effect.    

Lucie Nash played Dolly – Charlie’s secretary cool, calmly and proficiently.  The prefect foil for all the foolishness that surrounded her.  You just knew that she would get her fella and would likely wear the pants in any relationship!

Now then – Christy Hinchcliffe’s portrayal of Francis Henshall – accomplished, funny, measured and memorable.  Certainly, the right Man with two Guvnors

Gemma Conway as Rachel and her recently deceased twin brother Roscoe (not identical! ), was one of the two guvnors.  Well played, you didn’t put a foot wrong.  

Dan Coles as Stanley Stubbers was admirable as guvnor number two.  You fitted the part like a glove – truly convincing.  

There wasn’t a weakness in the production – congratulations to everyone who took part – including the ‘audience’ member…

Congratulations to Peter Hunt and your whole team of ‘Creatives’, everything was in the right place at the right time – except when it wasn’t supposed to be! Your players were confident in their scenes, and it was your hard work that enabled them to shine.

The last comment should go to Alfie – aka Tim Hinchliffe – I want some of whatever it is you take.  Amazing timing, slapstick, and physicality – I’m amazed that you could walk on to take the bows – exemplary. Thank you for inviting me. 

Mary Wills

Assistant to G Harris