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Songs of the Stage & Screen NODA Review

Songs of the Stage & Screen NODA Review

There was a packed theatre for this opening night of the Lindley Players musical theatre showcase, and they were to play their part in making this a very satisfying evening out in the seaside town of Whitstable.

From the opening number, ‘Radio Gaga’, fronted by a superb, precise and clearly a well practised troupe of dancers, it was clear that the evening was set on the road to success.

The mix of songs from old and new musicals were putty in the hands of this 44 strong group of players. They alternated between duets, trios, solos and big chorus numbers and every one had been practiced, directed, and delivered with precision and talent. Very few first night nerves were in evidence and the very few there were, were shaken off very quickly.

Ensemble numbers like ‘You’ve got to pick a pocket or two’, and ‘Both reached for the Gun’ were acted and so precisely delivered they could have been lifted from full productions of Oliver and Chicago respectively.

Solos for example, ‘Send in the Clowns’; ‘Pure imagination’ and ‘Tell me it’s not true’, were all beautifully delivered and very moving. Choosing to include the very black, but so entertaining ‘To Excess’ was a stroke of genius – (no doubt not included in the matinee performance!).

The range of vocal talent was superb, and particularly evident with the exposing duets and trios in the programme. Mention must be made for the ‘backing tracks’ being so seamlessly managed; sound was incredible.

Congratulations to Lucie Nash (Choreographer / Director) and James Robert (Director) – you clearly worked your cast and crew hard. They responded with a grand evening’s entertainment.

The whole company clearly enjoyed working together and that gave Thursday night’s audience the confidence to just sit back, cheer very loudly and applaud this excellent show. I’m sure the next three performances will be similarly well pleased. The best concert I have seen for a very long time.

Gordon Harris

NODA SE District 5