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Spelling Bee: NODA Review

Spelling Bee
: NODA Review

Author: Gordon Harris

How can I fault Lindley Players’ production of “25th Annual County Spelling Bee” at Whitstable’s Playhouse tonight? it was very professional in many ways from the superb set to the characterisations of each and every one in the cast.

I was lucky enough to catch “Spelling Bee” on Broadway a few years back. I enjoyed it then and I still do.The cast of 9 ( Cheryl Mumford, John McCrae, Flora Bainbridge-Clough, Lucie Nash, Leanne Hardy, Sam Small, Kevin Monk, David Bedford, Mariah Young) all highly competent actors, gave tonight’s audience a very well rehearsed and professional performance. I’m not going to single out any of the cast, because I can’t put a feather between them. This “Spelling Bee “directed Jay Mount with musical direction by Diana Whybrow was so well crafted that it came close to the Broadway production I saw a few years back.

Thank you thank you Lindley players for an exceptionally perfect “Spelling Bee”.